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"MS RPC Hang" locks up Unity services

We're having a crash problem that shows the symptoms of CSCdw22615. We run Unity 3.1(3) with EXCH 5.5 SP4 on a 2K box with TSP 6.0.1 to CM 3.0(11), and majority of clients are 95 using VMO. Does anyone know if this is caused by a single bad instance of a VMO session, or if it is cumulative? The longest we've gone without a problem is 27 days, and the shortest was 6 days, so no apparent pattern. We were fighting this with 2.4.6 and upgraded to try to get away from it, but it's still hapening. We're going to try a scheduled reboot incase it's a cumulative memory issue, but my VAR and my Cisco guys aren't making any promises. <br><br>


Re: "MS RPC Hang" locks up Unity services

It only takes one bad 95 client to lock the rest of the system up. Additionally, it's technically not VMO that causes the problem. It's the use of TRAP (telephone record and playback) that causes the problem. However, some subscribers use TRAP to listen to VMO messages if they do not have multi-media speakers on their PC.

Have you tried disabling DCOM (which will disable TRAP) on the Unity server to see if the problem goes away?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: "MS RPC Hang" locks up Unity services

Not as of yet. We have some concerns as to what disabling DCOM will affect, and some of my users have PC's w/out multimedia HW. Those that do tend to complain that playback through the PC speaker, even at full volume (main and wave), is too low.

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