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"Out of the Office" Indicator on Web Attendant

Hi, I suspect this is not a planned feature for web attendant. However, a group of receptionist asked if it was possible to have an additional status on the web attendant that would indicate if the person was out of the office. We are thinking it would be a soft button on the 7960 phone that could be toggled on and off. Then it would change the color or status of the person on the web attendant screen. Has anyone had this request by your customers or have implemented a similar feature with another product?



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Re: "Out of the Office" Indicator on Web Attendant

I had a similar question come up and had my Cisco rep put a request in. I would have yours do the same! I think it's a really good idea.

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Re: "Out of the Office" Indicator on Web Attendant

Thanks for the reply. I agree and I will send a request to my Cisco rep. I think the more features that Cisco can add that only a VoIP solution can provide makes their product more compelling. I have had good success, but an unhappy receptionist can really cause problems with future installs and the Web Attendant is key product for a receptionist.

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