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"TFTP Not Authorized"

Demo CCME system running 12.4(10),

I have a 7960 phone configured, though it won't register. The phone is configured, DHCP address and TFTP are correct, the load is correct and the file exists in flash, however I receive a "TFTP Not Authorized". Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: "TFTP Not Authorized"

Are you using secure signalling between your phones and CME? Generally, this error means that the TFTP server is not in the phones CTL file. If you're not using secure signalling, possibly the phone was part of another installation that did. If so, delete the CTL from the phone. If you are using secure signalling, take a look at the following link regarding configuration. Make sure that your TFTP server is configured as a trustpoint.

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Re: "TFTP Not Authorized"


I'm having the same issue but for me it says that TFTP is not authorized. Anyway, the telephone boots correctly but I have this message every time a telephone boots.

I have checked the settings for the DHCP server and the TFTP option is correct.

Any idea?



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Re: "TFTP Not Authorized"

On Callmanager Express, generally this error is seen when the correct file is not loaded into flash or the proper file hasn't been specified in the configuration. Are you seeing this issue on all your phones or just the new one? You may also want to check your switch to make sure the VLAN configuration on the new phone is correct. Is the correct address for your CME system? I hope this helps!

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Re: "TFTP Not Authorized"

The issue occurs on a single phone. Granted it's a demo system of three phones; 1 7912, 2 7960s. The problem phone is a 7960 and at no time was this phone configured for security. Yes, the IP address is the CME, and the interface is in the correct VLAN. This isn't a major issue as it's a demo system, but the error was puzzling. I suspect it had to do with either the defined phone load or actual TFTP access to the load - however my other 7960 registers successfully. Thanks for the feedback.

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