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"Unknown" displays on caller ID from LD T1

We have 2 main offices with 2 Local PRIs in Office1, 1 Local PRI in Office2 and 1 Long Distance T in Office1.

All local lines display the caller's number that we're passing, but the Long Distance line displays "Unknown" despite being configured the same as the locals. Our provider, Verizon, says the service on the T needs to be upgraded, but we didn't have this problem before switching to the Cisco system, so i'm not sure I believe that.

H.323 gateway, Call Manager 4.1(3)sr1. The route list has "use external caller's mask" to ON. The gateway config looks like this...

Calling Party Selection - Originator

Calling Party Presentation - Allowed

Called party IE number type unknown - National

Calling party IE number type unknown - National

Called Numbering Plan - ISDN

Calling Numbering Plan - National Standard

Caller ID DN - blank

Display IE Delivery - on

Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound - on

Enable Outbound FastStart - off

Any suggestions on where else to look to fix this issue? Thanks.

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Re: "Unknown" displays on caller ID from LD T1

I had a similar problem but in my case the wrong number was displayed. I was able to identify the issue using the Dial Number Analyzer tool that comes with the call manager software. My PRI provider was displaying the wrong caller ID information.

This tools allows you to dial from an specific extension to another extension or outside number showing you how the call is routed from the call manager to the outside world.You will be able to determine if the problem is a configuration issue on your callmanager.

Good luck


Re: "Unknown" displays on caller ID from LD T1


You mention that the local trunks are configured as PRI then say the Long Distance trunk is a T. I'm assuming that you mean T-1 and not a PRI. You will need to configure the trunk as a PRI to get Caller ID to pass, maybe that is what Verizon was talking about.



Re: "Unknown" displays on caller ID from LD T1

If your carrier supports Feature Group D on your T1 CAS circuits you can get outbound CLID. Not all carriers will provide this for you but definately ask them. If they do you will have to make some minor modifications to your gateway config and move to H.323 (as MGCP doesn't support this).

andy - berbee

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Re: "Unknown" displays on caller ID from LD T1

Right, the Long Distance is a T1. To be more specific, Verizon says they need to switch the service on it from NI1 to NI2. I don't know what that means, but it seems suspect that it worked before. I took over the new system from someone else who managed our previous Siemens PBX, and while they're sure the Caller ID displayed "Name of our Company" and a number, they're not sure if it passed the specific caller's number or a general office number, but either way, since the LD T wasn't changed, if a general listing was being sent by Verizon it should still be doing so. It shouldn't be displaying "Unknown".

That's what is making me think I'm missing something on the Call Manager or Gateway config.

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