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R2 Signalling For Nepal


Have anyone try out Nepal R2 E1 with Cisco AS5300? is known as R2 Digital.

But i not sure that it will work with AS5300?

The Nepalese R2 signalling is based on the ITU-T R2 signalling (Q.4xx series of Recommendations).

Interworking will be required between the Nepalese R2 signalling and the Nepalese ISUP (ISUP-N). The services that are provided by the Nepalese R2 must be supported by ISUP-N (unless otherwise indicated).

Clearly the Nepalese R2 will not support all the ISUP-N services. Only telephony services will be permitted to interwork with Nepalese R2 (The use of modems on telephony will also be supported, as modems are really a telephony service.)

The international R2 in use is closely based on the Q.4xx Recommendations


Re: R2 Signalling For Nepal

All versions of R2 are based on the Q.4XX series. It depends on how much the Q421 base standard has been modified for use in Nepal , if it at all. We have never seen any cases of R2 being run in Nepal before, but we can normally configure the Cisco router to suit as we support quite a few different country variants. If they follow Q421 ITU defaults, then it should be OK. The ISUP is related to SS7 so the exchange must be doing R2 to SS7 interworking (possibly for international calling). R2 signalling is between the router and the local exchange line card so there would not be any need to be concerned about ss7 interworking.

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