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New Member

Random Music On Hold

Hi All,

Does anybody know if it is possible to randomise the MOH on CallManager 3.3.3?

I think people are getting sick of listening to "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow", it would be nice to have it change every call.


Dave :)

Cisco Employee

Re: Random Music On Hold


The MoH stream received by endpoint devices (phones/gateway) is determined by the configured User/Network Hold Audio source on the endpoint placing the call on hold, so you can vary this configured setting to change up the music people are hearing when on hold. However, this is a manual process and isn't really random.

Your best bet is to use the live/fixed audio source (soure #51) which allows you to stream music from the MoH server's sound card. You could then randomize the music you are feeding into the sound card either by playing CD's or a radio station feed. Make sure you configure "51 - Fixed Audio Source" in the User/Network Hold Audio Source field for all devices (or for all device pools).

NOTE: Broadcasting copyrighted CD music or radio station feeds without permission is illegal. You should check with your legal department to understand the implications of broadcasting copyrighted material.



New Member

Re: Random Music On Hold

Easier solution is to append 3 or 4 songs into one file and set it up to multicast repeat. That adds a little vareity without messing with a sound card or rebroadcasting radio.

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