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New Member

Reaching Call Handler DN

I've created a Call Handler with options (press 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for that, etc.). I'd like to make it so that someone from the outside can reach this Call Handler directly (this call handler was setup for extension 3333 on unity)<br><br>The problem is as follows: At some point, the gateway (and/or Call Manager) needs to know where 3333 exists. If I create a virtual phone on Call Manager, this doesn't help as this call handler is not a subscriber (and I don't want to use Subcriber call handlers). Do I have to route the DN 3333 to Unity from Call Manager?? Everything seems fine when I dial into unity, then press extension 3333. But that's no good!<br><br>any help would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>regards,<br><br>Paul<br><br><br><br>


Re: Reaching Call Handler DN

OK... couple things here... first, if you forward from an extension into Unity and the extension corresponds to the DTMF_ID of a call handler (3333 in this case) we will route you to that call handler. You don't have to be a subscriber for us to route calls to the extension.

that said, it doesn't sound like what you want. Do you want ALL calls to go to this call handler when they hit the system? If not, under what conditions do you want them to go there? Not sure how you're trying to get your call flows going here...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

New Member

Re: Reaching Call Handler DN

Hi Jeff,

Perhaps I'm missing something here. The only way I know how to reach a call handler I created in Unity is to dial the extension from within unity (obviously Unity is aware of this extension, but is Call Manager?). I don't believe Call Manager knows it exists. How can it since there's no route pattern for it (assuming calls aren't first forwarded to, or handled by Unity, but rather by Call Manager). And there's no DN reflecting it in Call Manager? (or do I create a virtual phone here? I believe I tried this and it didn't work?)

Unless I use a subscriber call handler (this works). If I dial a subscriber and he's not there, it gets forwarded into voice mail (unity). Call manager is programmed to forward it to unity because the user's profile in Call Manager is setup to forward such calls (obviously). If I create a virtual phone and forward all calls right to voicemail, this works (I don't like this though).

What I don't understand is how calls can get forwarded to a specific call handler that I created, eg. with DN 3333. How does Call Manager know to forward it to Unity?
(again, assuming that Unity doesn't control all calls to begin with).

If this DN (3333) is NOT associated with a specific user, how does it reach Unity from Call Manager? What I'm trying to do is create a number of Call Handlers that will handle different menus. As if I was trying to use the same Unity Server for different TENANTS (and make it look like they are using different voice mail systems to the outside world).

I don't want to just modify the default "greeting" call handler (because if I say for ACME Inc. press 1, for COMPANY B. press 2, then the outside world will obviously know they are sharing phone/voicemail systems).

I think I may be tackling this the wrong way/taking the wrong approach. What do you think?




Re: Reaching Call Handler DN

In your example (because calls are directed to 3333 outside of Unity), CallManager will have to "know" about DN3333. The gateway's dial-peer session-target for this has to point to CallManager, so CallManager has to have the 3333 presence. The easiest way I know to do this is a phantom (same thing as virtual) extension call forwarded all to Unity.

Of course, if some one were to dial 3333 inside of Unity, CallManager would not need to know about 3333.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: Reaching Call Handler DN

Yes, you would have to use a virtual extension of some sort and have it forward into Unity for the call handler ID… should work the same as for a subscriber.

If you’re looking to try and do some sort of simple tenant services type thing you’ll want to use routing rules. You can have incoming calls routed directly to specific call handlers based on the number dialed (if provided) or based on forwarding number if you want to use virtual extensions to forward into Unity with different numbers for each company. You can pop open the call viewer from the Unity program group to see what information we’re getting on incoming calls to see what you can create routing rules based on (i.e. to verify if you’re getting dialed number coming through or not).

You setup a separate routing rule for each company that sends calls to different call handlers. You will have a couple of fundamental problems with trying to use one Unity server to handle multiple companies however that you should be aware of:

1. The alpha directory is going to offer all subscribers in the system… outside callers looking for folks by name are going to find users across all companies. There’s no way to segment the directory at this point.

2. If folks misdial an option (i.e. dial an illegal extension or hit an option that’s not valid) they get routed back to the opening greeting by default instead of the call handler you routed them to when they first came into the system. You need to edit the “error greeting” for call handlers/subscribers to change this behavior. This greeting is not visible using the SA however you can get at it using the BulkEdit utility off my web page. Kind of a tough thing to keep updated.

3. No way to keep folks from dialing extensions of users anywhere in the system… again, no way to segment the directory.

If you can live with those limitations, look into the routing rules for getting what you want here.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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