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Reading Dates in the IVR

I have not been able to get the IVR system to read dates that are returned from a database query. I am using MS SQL 7.0, the field is a datetime field. In the IVR application editor I have created a variable with the same name and set the data type to java.sql.Timestamp. On the DBGet Field Selection tab, I have selected the datetime field from the database and the local variable. I then used the Output function to read the local variable, but nothing is ever said. Other variable types that are returned from the same table are working, like Currency and Digit, but not Date.

Cisco Employee

Re: Reading Dates in the IVR

In the Output step did you select the variable name to read and the variable type as Date? I just tested this with a datetime field in a MSSQL7 database and it worked for me. Can you describe the SQL command you used in the DB Read step and how you have the DB Get step following that?

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Re: Reading Dates in the IVR

I have selected the local variable recorddate defined as java.sql.Timestamp and variable type as Date in the Output step. The following is the SQL command that I am using in the DBRead step:

use Northwind SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE EmpNumber = $EmpNumber_Input AND PIN = $pin_Input

EmpNumber_Input and pin_Input are entered on the phone and matched to the database record. Other fields in that record are returned and read, but the recorddate is never read. So I know that the database is being successfully queried.

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