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Real hunt groups?

I have a set of user's that would like to do the following: Have a call come int Ring on desk A if no answer or busy ring on desk B, then C, then D, soo one for about 10 people, the finally After ringing on the last desk go into that user's voice mail. This needs to be done with no intervetion from any user...


Re: Real hunt groups?

Not in CallManager, but you can in Unity. If you have the call go to Unity, then you can create dummy subscribers with whatever numbering scheme you want. Have the settings ring the extension of the person you want in a hunt group, but be sure to check Supervised Transfer, once you do that the call will come back to Unity, and you can send it to the next subscriber. Be sure to set the number of rings so that the CallManager will not take the call and transfer it to voice-mail with the CFNA or CFB parameters.


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Re: Real hunt groups?

You can do this a few ways. First, simply use call forwad busy and call forward no answer to hunt a call linerally through a set of phones. For example, setup phone 5000 with CFB and CFNA to 5001, phone 5001 with CFB and CFNA to 5002, etc. Set the last phone's CFB and CFNA to the voicemail pilot. Not the most graceful, but it works.

Here's an document that explains this in detail

Another method is to use Cisco Web Attendant/Attendant Console. In CallManager create a Web attendant pilot point and then configure a hunt group with the extensions of the phones you want the call to ring to.

Here is some details on configuring hunt groups in Web Atendant. The web attendant product has been renamed to Attendant Console.


Tim Medley, CCDP, CCNP

IP Telephony Consultant

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Re: Real hunt groups?

In those scenarios the DN that the voicemail (I assume it is Unity) will receive is the original DN of the call, unless you meant to add using voicemail profile masks.

Attendant Console is cumbersome for this type of application but could work for you.

You can also use voicemail profiles for this but it might be easier to train the users that the messages will end up in the original DN's mailbox. Is that not an option? "Dear end users, the only change in the flow is that messages end up in #1's box, rather than #10."

Depends on what the users level of trainability is what solution will work for you.

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