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Rebuilding 2.4.6

Hi, can anyone please help me with a rebuild of a Unity 2.4.6 box. Basically the off-box exchange server has lost the Unity attributes following a messed up restore. I plan to rebuild Unity and use a number of methods to restore the Unity information. e.g. CHs will be recreated using the CH Export/Import tool, and the subscribers recreated from new using a CSV file. I believe this will be the most reliable method due to missing attributes within Exchange and Unity's inability to "see" the off-box Exchange server which is now in a different site to Unity's Exchange server.

The only information that I would still like to save would be subscribers greetings and recorded names. Is there an easy(ish) way of pulling the files off and then pushing them back onto thr new subscribers (which will have the same alias' as before).


Cisco Employee

Re: Rebuilding 2.4.6

For 2.x there's really no way to do this (easy or otherwise). The greetings and voice names in 2.x were stored in goofy STM files which can't be manipulated or played directly and aren't named anything event remotely useful (engineers who don't spent time doing support are very dangerous people) - in 3.0(x) and later, of course, everything is much more sane with logically names WAV files that you can fish out in situations just like this.

I'm curious, have you already don't an export of call handler information? If Unity isn't coming up at this point you can't get that info - in 2.x the call handler info along with everything else is in the Exchange 5.5 directory not stored locally in SQL as it is in 3.x and later. I'm not clear on how you expect to get this information such that you can import it.

The only option you really have is rebuilding from scratch I'm afraid...

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Re: Rebuilding 2.4.6

Thanks for the reply. I've already done an export and test import of the call handlers and it's working fine. Unity is up and running but can only talk to the on-box exchange server. Any users homed on the on-box exchange function fine. However it's the customer's own exchange server that failed and during many rebuilds the customer broke all exchange site links and wiped out all custom attributes that Unity users. Of course the large majority of users are on that server and therefore Unity can't deliver the messages. The on-box exchange server has a copy of the Exchange database before site replication was broken so all the greeting etc can still be pulled from SA manually.

The customer will not rebuild their Exchange server again to join Unity's so that this information is replicated thus we need to rebuild Unity (progressing the Exchange server replication issue through Microsoft got no where and the customer is wanting to get Unity delivering messages asap even if information is lost). Therefore I'm going down the route of starting again with Unity, but whilst it's still running I'm pulling as much info from it as possible so it can be recreated as close to how it was before. I think now it's just a case that all subs will have to self enroll, but it would have been nice to save their greetings without having to go into SA and pull each one manually before starting the rebuild - run out of time to do that.

Hope this make sense.

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