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Rebuilding Publisher

We were upgrading our primary call manager 2 days ago from Callmanager 3.3(3)es78 OS 2000.2.6 upgrade to OS 2000.2.7. The system crash after

1st reboot. The error is: "Windows Could Not Start Because the

Following File Is Missing or Corrupt:


Now our publisher is totally down and we are in the process of recovering the entire drive. In the meantime we are running on backup (Subscriber). We contacted TAC and according to the engineer that we had talked to, we can recover the database from the primary. The only way we can restore the database is from a good backup. I would have to say that we dont have a backup of of our publisher..

Can someone help me out on this! At this time windows wont start up at all on the Publisher however we are in the process of copying all of the files from the Publisher using knopix. my plan is to rebuild the publisher and copy the database over from the subscriber. Can this be done?

Cisco Employee

Re: Rebuilding Publisher

I think this is your problem:

CSCee91773 OS upgrade 2000.2.6 might cause server to fail bootup after Phase 2


"Windows Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt:


"You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows 2000

Setup using the original Setup floppy disk or CD-ROM.

Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."


This defect happens on all the servers running MCS OS versions 2000.2.6 SR 2 and below. Any servers that have 2000.2.6 SR3 and above installed or 2000.2.7 and above installed will not see this problem.


Delete these registry keys:






Add these registry values:


Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\fDisableCpm = 1


Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\fDisableLPT = 1

or set the values through the Terminal Services Configuration utility.

1. Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration

2. Connections > RDP-Tcp > Properties

3. Select Client Settings tab

4. Select Disable for "Windows printer mapping" and "LPT port mapping"

These registry changes will be done automatically in OS Service Release


and greater and in OS Upgrade 2000.2.7.

Further Problem Description:

The crash was caused by the System registry hive growing to large.

C:\Winnt\system32\config\system file was 11MB after the upgrade. In the


stages of the Windows 2000 boot process this file along with executables

running can only address 16MB of memory. When the system file is 11MB, there

isn't enough memory left and the server crashes.

The System registry hive was growing becuase each time Terminal Services is


it creates registry entries to map any printers defined on the workstation

computer. Because the CallManager server does not have the Print Spooler

set to Autostart, there is a problem and the registry entries do not get

removed when the Terminal Service session has ended.

The 2 registry deletions above will remove the Terminal Service printer


Disabling "Windows printer mapping" and "LPT port mapping" will prevent them

from being created in the future.

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Re: Rebuilding Publisher

We also tried putting windows 2000 server and select "r". Windows wont run at all

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Re: Rebuilding Publisher

all changes indicated by the workaround has been in placed however, we are still having the same issue. My other question is can we promote our subscriber to a publisher? or what other workaround do i have?

please help


Re: Rebuilding Publisher

If running repair from the CD does not work, have you tried manually copy missing/corrupted file?

If that does not work the only other option I can think of is to rebuild Publisher and re-configure it manually to match Subscriber config. Using BAT will speed up the process. After Publisher is built you may need to rebuild Subcriber as well if they don't sync and re-publishing database does not work.

You can't promote Subscriber to Publisher.

Backup is always a good idea. A better idea is to practice restore so you are familiar with the process.

Hope this helps.

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