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Recommended ICD configuration for agents

What is the recommendations/Best practice for setting up agent IP Phones. ie. personal lines, voice mail etc.

I had originally planned to just use the main and secondary line for both agent calls and personal lines but I realized that users are unable to differentiate between the 2.

Thanks in advance !!


Re: Recommended ICD configuration for agents

I am using the first line for "personal" extension, this is for voicemail as well. They get confused if they have to hit the line and then voicemail button; go figure. The second line is used for ICD. It works well for me.



Re: Recommended ICD configuration for agents


The basic idea is to keep the ICD line and Personal line/voicemail separate.

I would keep the ICD line dedicated for ICD and take off call waiting or call forwarding of any kind.

Use another line as a personal line and have it forwarded to voice mail on 'busy' and 'no answer'.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Recommended ICD configuration for agents

I am no guru by any means and most of us are not perfect. My opinion on ICD is the agents personal number and agent number is the same. The reason is that when I turn reports over to their manager it shows how much time is spent on customer calls and personal calls. It works great with voicemail. I have had 3.01 IPCCX up and running for 6 months.

I thought early on about giving out seperate numbers, but for reporting it is perfect.


Re: Recommended ICD configuration for agents

Now with CRS 3.1 you have the ability to have Voicemail on your agent line and it will distinguish calls sent to you from the IPCCX server and a direct call from somewhere else.

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