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Recorded name empty

I need to run a report showing users that have no recorded name. Is there a quick easy way to do this? I would also like to see who has no recorded message. Thanks!

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Re: Recorded name empty

The latest version of Subscriber Information Dump will kick this out for you... you can find it on here:

it will show which voice names are empty and/or kick out the voice name WAV file itself if you want.

It doesn't kick out greeting information, however... I suppose it wouldn't be too tough to indicate which of the 5 greetings are set to custom greeting, system or empty or something along those lines... just haven't had any requests along those liens.

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Re: Recorded name empty

The greeting information would be helpful. If I could dump the wav files for a group of users just to check. The problem we are having is:

1. No recorded name/greeting

2. People recording their greeting where their name should be

3. recorded name and no recorded greeting.

I will give the dump a whirl. Thanks for the help.

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Re: Recorded name empty

I'll look into that... in the meantime, you might check out the Audio Text Manager application on here:

You can quickly check voice names and greetings by whipping down a list very fast... much, much quicker than using the SA to do this...


Re: Recorded name empty

If you’re a bit adventurous, you can run a couple of simple SQL queries against the UnityDb to make this easy. SQL Query Analyzer will also let you save the results to a CSV file.

The following queries should be able to get it done:

This will tell you who has and doesn’t have a recorded name:

select * from subscriber where StreamPath is null

This will tell you who has and doesn’t have a standard greeting:

select * from MessagingRule where StreamPath is null and Uid = 'Standard'

You can substitute the word 'Standard' with 'Alternate', 'Busy', 'Error', 'Internal' or 'Off Hours' if you want to check for other greetings on the subscribers.

I hope that helps you out…


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Re: Recorded name empty

You gotta get a little fancier with the query for the greeting... that will just tell you the messaging rule but wont tell you which call handler owns it... which makes it tough to use. you have to follow the "parent Object ID" value back to the call handler and, if the handler is primary, back to the subscriber that owns THAT call handler...

little tricky but can be done... if folks are interested I can post a fancy-pants query to do that...

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Re: Recorded name empty

I'd be interested in seeing the query if you wouldn't mind. Also the name of the greeting file would be good.

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Re: Recorded name empty

OK... here's a query that will kick out a list of the call handler aliases and all the stream file paths for each of the greeting rules under it. There are 6 greeting rules that are identified by their alias: Alternate, Standard, Off Hours, Internal, Busy and Error. If the path kicks out as "null" it's not recorded, otherwise it'll spit out either a fully qualified path (i.e. "C:\commserver\localize\default database\enu\xxx.WAV") or just a wav file name which means the file is stored under \commserver\StreamFiles. You can go snag it from there.

Anyway, here's the magic query:

select CallHandler.Alias, MessagingRule.Alias, MessagingRule.StreamPath from CallHandler Inner Join MessagingRule on CallHandler.CallHandlerObjectID=MessagingRule.ParentObjectID


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