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Recording Live Conversations

Customer is looking for ability to record telephone conversations between customers and their customer reps. I remember something about setting up " live record" but cannot fully recall. This customer already has CCM 3.2.x and Unity VM.

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Re: Recording Live Conversations

There's currently no live record functionality with CM that Unity can exploit at this time - there was a live record option in Unity that worked with a couple of older analog switches (the switches did most of the heavy lifting with silent barg ins on a trunk call and calling Unity with a special series of DTMFs that would have us start recording on the fly etc...).

I've seen live record functionality with CM on some roadmaps here and there but I don't know if it's committed for any particular release or not. The best I can suggest is to ask your account team to open a PERS for this to make sure the product folks know it's something that folks in the field want.

Re: Recording Live Conversations

Some third-party apps to consider:

- Eyretel -- -- has an extremely slick call recording product, which actually records every call on the system but only keeps the calls you "tag". This is very useful for when you need to be able to go "back in time" with your call recording -- for example, if you have an agent and a customer, and the customer gets uppity, you can "go back in time" and see if it was agent-provoked or if it was just a customer with a grudge.

- has a product (that I have never seen, personally) called Audiolog which has similar features

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