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Recording problems

Unity 2.46.135<br>TSP 1.0.39<br>CM 3.0.11<br><br>I had a problem where Unity wasn't hearing the audio stream when I tried to record announcements. 1/2 hour with a sniffer showed that when the UDP audio stream started my Unity server switched the source IP address from a 10.192.x.x address to a 169.254.x.x address. It only did this for the audio stream - ping used the correct address.<br><br>The cause of the problem was that the server had three NICs. Two were unconfigured and unused - not even on a LAN switch. I found that if I actually disabled the two unused NICs through Windows Network setup, the problem went away.<br><br>I never saw this with earlier versions of Unity and TSP - strange eh? <br><br>Solution Architect<br>MCSE Unity SE<br>Compaq Global Services

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Re: Recording problems

We have seen some similar problems with Unitys that have multiple NIC cards and some are not plugged in.
You are probbaly the first person who ran a sniffer on this.
Can you check the order of the connections on your Networking control panel? Does one of the disabled ones show up before the enabled ones?

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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