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Recreate SQL Publication on CallManager

Has anyone needed to recreate the CCM030? SQL publication on their publisher Call Manager?

I have a customer that is definitly having replication issues and their seems to be some garbage in the replication config on the SQL server.

Reinstall is not an option.

I have a TAC open and have asked if the publication can be rebuilt, it don't think this should be a big deal but the TAC eng seems to think it is. I'm wondering what the underlying complexities might be.

New Member

Re: Recreate SQL Publication on CallManager

I've got the exact same problem on my 3.0.8 publisher. I created the publisher from scratch on my 7835 and restored a 3.0.8 database to it. (I was moving from one box to another). After everything was complete, I noticed that the CCM0302 db did not have an article for publication. I manually set one up to allow for the install of my subscriber.

TAC doesn't really want anyone changing the SQL info, (mainly because they're not trained to do so), so unfortunately your on your own...

I would push TAC to involve a DE (Design Engineer) our of Dallas, to come up with a solution..

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Re: Recreate SQL Publication on CallManager

I didn't have to push TAC to hard. They got it going.


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