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Redial softkey fails when on-hook CCM4.1(3)

Has anyone had a similar problem using CCM4.1(3) with 7940 phones? When redial is pressed while on-hook, the speaker is turned on, dial tone is returned and template changes to show two softkeys "<<" and "New Call" but fails to dial last number. If the phone is taken off-hook before pressing redial, it works OK. This is not the case when using CCM3.3(5), pressing redial while on-hook works fine.

Have tried different phone loads from 7.0.2 to 8.0.1, all perform the same.

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Re: Redial softkey fails when on-hook CCM4.1(3)

Hi Mark,

I am not using CCM 4.1.3 but have been doing some reading in preparation for an upcoming upgrade.Have you checked out the Softkey Template for the "On Hook" Call State? In 4.1.3 the templates can be configured differently based on the "Call State" of the phone. Have a look:

Configure Softkey Layout

The administrator can configure softkey sets for each call state for a nonstandard softkey template. When the administrator clicks the Configure Softkey Layout link from the Softkey Template Configuration window, the Softkey Layout Configuration window displays.

The Softkey Layout Configuration window contains the following fields:

•Call states—Lists the different call states of a Cisco IP Phone. You cannot add, update, or delete call states. The highlighted call state indicates the chosen call state and the softkeys that are available for that call state. Table 40-4 lists the call states.

Table 40-4 Call States

Call State Description


Displays when call is connected

Connected Conference

Consultation call for conference in connected call state

Connected Transfer

Consultation call for transfer in connected call state

Digits After First

Off-hook call state after user enters the first digit

Off Hook

Dial tone presented to phone

Off Hook With Feature

Off-hook call state for transfer or conference consultation call

On Hold

Call on hold

On Hook

Displays when no call exists for that phone

Remote In Use

Another device that shares the same line uses call.

Ring In

Call received and ringing

Ring Out

Call initiated and the destination ringing

•Unselected softkeys—Lists softkeys that are associated with a call state. This field lists the unselected, optional softkeys when the call state is highlighted. The softkeys that are listed in this field get added to the chosen softkeys field by using the right arrows. You can add the Undefined softkey more than once in the chosen softkey list. Choosing Undefined results in a blank softkey on the Cisco IP Phone.

•Selected softkeys—Lists softkeys that are associated with the chosen call state. This field lists the chosen softkeys when the call state is highlighted. The maximum number of softkeys in this field cannot exceed 16.

From this doc:

Hope this helps!


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Re: Redial softkey fails when on-hook CCM4.1(3)

On Callmanager 4.1(3)Sr3a redial softkey works fine in both cases - on-hook and off-hook

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