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Redundancy/failover is not occuring while E1 channels are out of service

Currently we have 2 x 3845 configured as H323 gateways which talk to Callmanager cluster.

Got Route group 1 and Route group 2 configured then associated both Route groups into a Route list.

Have a Route pattern e.g 0.! configured and referenced the Route list i created containing both RGs discard digits preDot on the Route group level instead of under the route pattern.

On one of the 3845-01 we have 2 x E1 PRI 60 channels out to the PSTN. The other 3845-02 we only have 1 x E1 PRI 30 channels.

Anyays when i force an outage on both the E1 PRIs on the 3845-01 e.g. shutting down the voice ports. I have this impression that when the H323 gateways send a H225/TCP message such as channel unavailable or a out of service message back to callmanager. Callmanager will then find that we lost H225 messages with 3845-01 and failover to 3845-02 router. I definitely know that if these gateways where configured for MGCP i can acheive what i wanted.

But in the past discussions on this forum people where able to get this to work with H323 no problems.

Is there something missing or misconfigured? could there be a service parameter on callmanager i can set, etc.

Please help really need to get this to work.



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Re: Redundancy/failover is not occuring while E1 channels are ou


Try setting the advanced CallManager service parameters 'Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag' and 'Stop Routing on User Busy Flag' to false..


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