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Redundancy in Cisco ASR1002



our company is going to purchase a Cisco ASR 1002 and we need to make it Redundant.
I know about the Software Redundancy in Cisco ASR1002 with two IOS on a single Route Processor but If we want to make it Hardware by using two ASR1002 at our location than how can we achieve this ?

We want to make our ASR 1002 Hardware Redundant means we want inter-chassis Redundancy between both the ASRs.
As Inter-chassis Redundancy means that if our Active chassis will goes down than our Secondary chassis takes over.

As I found a link of Inter-chassis Redundancy on ASR1002

One thing more I want to tell you that according to this link it is mentioned that the secondary chassis will start forwarding the call signalling and Media Forwarding but we are having only Data traffic not Voice traffic.

So, can anybody tell that we can use this Inter-chassis feature in our ASR 1002. If their is any requirement for any special license or module than we can purchase it also. 


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Chassis redundancy?  Have you

Chassis redundancy?  Have you heard of HSRP?

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 I know this thing about HSRP


I know this thing about HSRP, but I want to know that is their any other method of inter-chassis Redundancy like the ASA failover in which all the information is Replicated to Secondary ASA while failover.

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Re:  I know this thing about HSRP

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