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Refresh header


Here's my problem: I have a xml application running on my 7970 and I set it to refresh every 5 seconds. Because it has a png as a background picture which is modified on the server on-the-fly, based on user actions or an external action, it takes 1-2 seconds to reload.

Because on the server side, I don't modify the xml or the png very often, I sent an invalid xml to "cancel" the request if the xml/png are not modified. This works, only that doing this, the xml no longer refreshes anymore. It goes back to the last xml, silently rejecting the invalid xml and this is exactly what I want. But it no longer respects the 5 seconds refresh header.

Is there an workaround for this?


Chris Miron

PS. I don't want to use a JTAPI application to tell the phone when to refresh the xml.

Community Member

Re: Refresh header

Would usage of IdleUrl help for your app?

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Re: Refresh header

I don't think so. :( After x seconds, IdleUrl will be called, but only once, right? IdleUrl won't be called again after another x seconds, I guess...

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Re: Refresh header

Actually, it should refresh every x seconds. I set the idle timer interval to 5 seconds, but it's not called at all. Anyone knows why?

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