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Refreshing MWI

Is there anything I can do to avoid having to refresh the MWI for users. We are deploying a 3000 phone site (Unity 3.1.5 and CM 3.2(2c) and usually a few times a day a user calls and either the MWI isn't lit when they have messages or the other way around. I know you can refresh it globally, but is there any way to have Unity do this every so often on its own. It is not a major issue, but I would just like to know why this is happening and if there is anything I can do prevent this.

Cisco Employee

Re: Refreshing MWI

MWI's can break for any number of reasons. The end result all looks the same to the end user, but indeed there are many different causes. There's also a couple of ways to "refresh" the MWI. The "shotgun" approach would be to schedule a restart of the AvMsgStoreMonitorSvr service (that's only present in 3.1.5 and later). The other type of "refresh" can be scheduled in Unity from the SA "switch" page.

To get an idea of what's happening, we'd need to know a lot more information:

1. Exchange version?

2. Multiple Exchange servers?

3. Off-box Exchange?

4. Do all people break or just a few?

5. Any pattern in the people that break (i.e. all on one Exchange server)?

6. Does hitting "refresh" from the Subscriber MWI page help?

Depending upon the type of MWI problem that's there, restarting that service may very well be way more than what's really needed to resolve the problem. At any rate, there's a utility that you can use to restart all of Unity, or just some of its services...

If this is used without investigating the cause of the MWI, we won't be able to tell what the true MWI problem is.

Re: Refreshing MWI

Hello -

I thought of two other areas you can check - especially with 3000 customers.

1. Unity - How many ports do you have set for dialing out MWI? You may need to increase the number according to the number of ports you have. Here is an excerpt from Cisco's MWI troubleshooting document, which is excellent!

Not Enough Ports Are Set for Message Waiting Indication

When Cisco Unity takes a lot of messages, the ports assigned to turn MWIs on and off may not always be able to dial out promptly. A single port set to dial out only for Message Waiting Indication with an IP phone system integration can change approximately 240 to 360 MWIs per hour, depending on the phone system. An analog integration can take up to 7 seconds per MWI change.

To determine if the number of message waiting indication ports is adequate


Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Administrator, click Reports > System > Port Usage.

Step 2 Generate a port usage report for the ports set to dial out for Message Waiting Indication only

If the value of Percentage Of Ports Used exceeds 40 percent usage during peak periods, click System > Ports in the Cisco Unity Administrator, then continue with Step 3.

If the value of Percentage Of Ports Used does not exceed 40 percent usage during peak periods, then the number of message waiting indication ports is adequate. Contact Cisco TAC to resolve the problem.

Step 3 Review the existing port configuration and determine if one or more additional ports can be set to dial out for Message Waiting Indication only.


2. CallManager - for a phone's IP address, select the hyperlink. This brings up the device information screen, which displays the status of the message waiting indicator. This status will tell you what CallManager thinks is the current MWI setting for a user's phone.

Best wishes, Ginger

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