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Registration Rejected

We had registration rejected messages on our IP Phones. Although this would normally occur with an unregistered/unconfigured phone, this was an entire device pool of existing configured phones. Stopping/Starting the Call Manager service resolved the problem, but obviously left us with some concerns.

Here's the scenario - 3 CMs; a Pub and two subs. Half the phones register to Pub 1, and half to Pub two. We were downing a core switch on the Pub 2 side to replace a UPS, which temporarily prevented some of the IP phones from registering to either Call Manager (the half that normally register to Pub 2, then 1). After a half hour connectivity was re-established and the problem began. IP phones periodically getting "registration rejected". After a short while they would register, only to later get rejected.

Again, I stopped/started the Call Manager service for Pub 2 and the problem has not occurred since.

Any ideas?

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Re: Registration Rejected

This is going to be difficult to determine what might have happened. Do you see any log errors or abnormal events prior?

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