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reliably clear any application from the screen

How would you do that if you don't know if there's any app running? Normally, when in an app I have an exitbutton that does a Key:Services, but in this case it's not an option because I need to send an executeitem to the phone that clears the screen if there's something on it.. and sending a Key:Services would bring up the services menu if there's nothing on screen.

I figure it may be one of the init commands but I only know about appstatus and the call lists and the documentation doesn't list all the things you can init.

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Re: reliably clear any application from the screen

perhaps a quick reset? will do what you want if you can tolerate a second or two.

later versions of call manager do a quick reset on a phone whenever a line configuration item is changed. we have an app that changes line configuration, and as soon as the change is committed the app disappears off the phone's screen!

Re: reliably clear any application from the screen

I know this is an option but then again not really. You don't want to reset the phone unless necessary and on top of that when we enter call tracking, it's simply unacceptable to reset each phone after each call.

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