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Remote Admin of SA

I have installed 2.4.5 UM integrated with CM 3.0.8 and everything operates properly. The only thing lacking is remote administration of the SA. I have added the particular subscriber to an Admin COS and he can access the SA, but when goes to add a subscriber he gets a license error saying that all 65000 subscribers have been used. This is not true because locally as "Administrator" I can add, modify, whatever.<br><br>


Re: Remote Admin of SA

Is this Win2K? It could be a problem with rights on the registry... I had thought this was fixed in but I could be wrong.

as a test try making sure the Active Voice registry tree (and it's subtrees) under HKLM\Software is open to "everyone" and try accessing the Sa again from the remote client. The security key libraries actually used the registry keys for buffering for some odd reason and in Win2K the rights model for the registry changed and it caused some problems here.

I'll have to lookup where this was fixed properly real quick in the morning but you can run that test to verify if we're looking at the same problem.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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