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Remote Call Control with Lync

I have a customer that is using Lync and do not want to move to Jabber.  They also want to be able to use Lync to make internal and external calls through the Cisco system.  Can this be accomplished using Remote Call Control?  If this is setup and a user dials an outside line will it then be able to use CUCM to rout the call to the gateway?  I looked over the documentation but didn't really see a clear answer but it looks like it might use the ability of the associated line when it is setup.

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I think I got this worked out

I think I got this worked out.  Looks like Remote Call Control will only allow control of an Cisco phone and will not allow Lync to act as a softphone.  The best solution I can see for this is to setup a SIP trunk between Lync and CUCM which will allow Lync to dial out.

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Glad to hear. Thanks for the

Glad to hear. Thanks for the reply. We have the SIP trunk in place and it works pretty well. I guess I will need to look at setting up remote call control. We have some users including myself that have CUCiLync installed. That works pretty well but still does not flow as well as Jabber. Does remote call control replace CUCiLync?
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Hey Ken,From what I was able

Hey Ken,

From what I was able to tell it does not replace CUCiLync but it does have some overlapping functionality.  First thing to realize is that CUCiLync is a Cisco product that basically plugs into your Lync then registers itself with Cisco.  Remote Call Control on the other hand is a Microsoft product that is used to communicate through some kind of gateway (IM&P server can be used).  This will allow you to control your phone from your Lync client so you can use click to call and have it use your Cisco phone to dial out.  CUCiLync has this ability also.  It will not however allow you to use Lync as a soft phone and dial out while CUCiLync does give you a way to do this.

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Sorry for the late reply.  So

Sorry for the late reply.  So you are using the IM&P server with Lync?  Had a meeting with Cisco reps last week and was told that IM&P would not talk to Lync.  Do you have any instructions that you followed to setup Remote Call Control using the IM&P server?  By the way, I really appreciate your help with this.

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I have not done this myself

I have not done this myself just yet only done the research.  But here is the Cisco guide for this.

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Thank you!  I will let you

Thank you!  I will let you know how it goes.

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