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Remote IP phone users (VPN)

Can anyone point me to a good document to troubleshoot remote user phones using VPN over the internet?

I know I'm at the mercy of the internet once it leaves the router (871), but I also want to make sure I've done everything possible to insure the configuration is done properly.


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Re: Remote IP phone users (VPN)


Have you received any responses to this message outside this forum? I have the same problem with a customer, we are using a 2821. We have 7912's and 7940/60's, the 7912's work fine but the 7940/60's reboot or lockup when used.

Re: Remote IP phone users (VPN)

basically make sure you are using the correct codec G.729 to keep the packets small (or small as you can)

As the 871, make sure you QOS the date and voice as it leaves and comes in. This way, the remote person downloading a huge 40 meg file, and an IP call, they will be limited or have reserve bandwidth for the voice call no matter what. But you are still at the mercy of the internet provider.

same at your router... QOS on the WAN connection.. but you will determine if it needs some form of Queing. (LLQ, IP RTP, CB-WFQ)

If this phone you are using is one of a few remote phones.. I wouldnt worry about it too much. if you had 100 of these coming in... I would analyize the traffic more.

hope this helps. Check out the Voice Over IP Fundmentals cisco book.. has a good baseline to start with this stuff.

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Re: Remote IP phone users (VPN)

Make sure if you are doing the VPN and using qos that you pre-classify the traffic so that the queueing tags are set on the VPN packets. Make sure if you have your network segmented that your VPN's are set up correctly and you don't have any wild routing.

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