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remote notification

Need to know if remote notification on Unity can leave a voicemail on another voicemail system to let someone know they have a voicemail on the Unity server. The two voicemail systems are not connected in any way. Just want to confirm that is not possible.

Cisco Employee

Re: remote notification

Well... you could do this in a pretty cheesy way... setup one of the phone notification devices to dial the pilot number of the other voice mail system followed by some after dial digits that would actually dial the user's mailbox ID to leave them a message (i.e. skip the transfer like using #2 in Unity).

What would happen is when a message notification event triggered, Unity would dial the other VM, dial the ID of that person's mailbox and leave a message that said "this is the Unity voice messaging system calling with a message for (voice name of subscriber)". It'd repeat this a couple times and then hang up since the user didn't sign in as requested.

Moderately to heavily cheesy but it would let you know you have a voice message on the Unity box.

New Member

Re: remote notification

Ok, In remote notification I put in the number for Unity to call. How do I put pauses in for the needed options. Example: 95622810,,,,,#2,2810#2.

In this example comma stands for a few seconds pause. Do I have an option like that with Unity.

Cisco Employee

Re: remote notification

you bet... commas are pretty universal as pauses in dial strings (part of the TAPI standard and all that).

You can also get fancy and put the 2nd half of the number in the "after dial digits" field and tell Unity to wait until the calling line is answered - if call progress is decent this can work as well - but you can always make commas work for you here as well.

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