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Remote office device PIX506E

I have a central headquarter site with 15 remote offices. We are going to deploy a centralized Cisco IP telephony solution. Our existing remote sites are running PIX506E with VPN access (100M shared from the Service Provider) to the headquarter. Behind the PIX506E is running a switch with one IP phone and one softphone. Do I really need to replace the PIX506E in order to provide the VoIP to the remote office? As I am only running one IP Phone and one ip softpone, I think the exisiting PIX506E will do the job well without any QoS implmentation. Any suggestion? Or should I go for 1751 or 1760 routers?



Re: Remote office device PIX506E

I have set up a very similar network for a customer. They are running Voice over VPN. (3DES). Head office uses PIX 515, branch offices use PIX 501. They also use SRST in case the WAN (VPN) is down. I would strongly recommend implementing SRST in case your WAN is down.

I havent encountered any problems so far in this network. You can restrict the number of calls going over the wan to each site at a time, by using Regions.

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Re: Remote office device PIX506E

Thanks for the help.

I would like to clarify that you are adding another router beside or in front of your PIX501 in branch offices to provide SRST functionality. Is that the case?

In my case, we don't care much about the backup WAN link as there are only two phones (one IP phone and one softphone) in the remote offices. So I believe we can use the existing PIX 506E to run VoIP over the VPN. Any advice?


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