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remote site best practice

I have a main site with ccm 4.1 in a full cisco environment. working perfectly. this main site has two external links: E1 for PSTN and a broadband on fiber 6Mbps.

I have a remote site with about 10 users, with a broadband link 2Mbps symetric.

I configured a plain ipsec VPN between the remote router (2621 12.2(17) ) and the PIX of the main site (6.2).

IP phones of the remote site work fine.

However, at times, audio is lost. I have Qos on the 2621 and "show policy-map int fa 0/0" does not show dropped packets.

Is this the best configuration ?

Should I use the 2621 as a MGCP Gateway instead ? a H323 gateway instead ?

what are the main criteria for these choices ?

thnak you.


Re: remote site best practice

What kind of response time do you have between the two locations ?

New Member

Re: remote site best practice

I have less than 20 ms between routers and 22 ms within the ipsec tunnel.

It's good to me.

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