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Remote Span for Call recording

Dear Friends,

We have 2 POE switches (3560) and Cisco ip phones .We have call recording software server connected to SW1 .

SW1 Configuration as follows:

monitor session 1 source vlan 7

monitor session 1 destination fastethernet 0/4 (port 4 is ncoonected to recording server).

The switches SW1 and SW2 have voice vlan 7 is configured .Monitoring is working fine for all the phones in SW1.

But In SW2 ,we cannot monitor any of the phones .

Could you please guide me where is there any specific configuration requirred for SW1 for remote monitoring .I thought beccause of only one vlan ,no need to configure in SW2.




Re: Remote Span for Call recording

The quick and dirty way to do this is to disable VLAN pruning on the trunk connection between the switches. VLAN pruning prevents packets from crossing trunked connections is no ports are addressed by the packets on the far side of the trunk. In most cases, this is a good thing that reduces unnecessary traffic. But in your case, it is preventing packets that you want to see from getting to your call recorder. The default setting is that all VLANs are eligible for pruning.

The command to disable VLAN pruning is:

switchport trunk pruning vlan except 7

This command should be used on the interface of the trunk connection for both SW1 and SW2.

Re: Remote Span for Call recording

If you want to monitor traffic on another switch you have to use RSPAN rather than SPAN as shown in your config.

The document below shows how to configure RSPAN

The problem that you will have is that the destination for an RSPAN session needs to be on a different switch from the source - you would need to put your call recording server on another switch which does not have devices you wish to monitor on.

A possible alternative would be to put another NIC in the recording server (if supported) and connect it to SW2.

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