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Removing certain settings on a phone

Ok when I push the settings button on a Cisco phone, and choose Network Configuration, I can see all kinds of information (IP address, TFTP Server, Default Gateway, etc). I want my users to be able to access the network configuration but I want to pick in choose what they can see.

For example, I want to remove the IP Address field from showing up. How can I do that? Edit a jsp, xml, or asp file, etc? I'm pretty sure there is no option to just pick and choose and I'm willing to go into the code of CallManager in order to make it happen. The particular version I'm working with is CM 4.2(3).


Re: Removing certain settings on a phone

Why would you want to hide the IP address?

what is shown is defined in the phone's firmware and you have no control over that.

If you want to prevent people from accessing the phone's status webpage, then just put the phone in a separate vlan and use ACLs to prevent regular workstations from accessing the voice vlan.

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Re: Removing certain settings on a phone

Stephan, no offense, but I didn't ask if it was a good idea. I don't want this thread to turn this into a question of why I would or wouldn't want to hide anything or if it's a good idea or not.

I'm just asking *if* and *how* I can hide certain information when the user presses Settings --> Network Configuration WITHOUT restricting access to the entire page. I already know how to restrict access to the entire page, I just want to know if I can remove certain information from it.

Also, this has nothing to do with the webpage. I already have it so my users can't access the webpage. I'm strictly talking about the Settings --> Network Configuration screen that appears on the phone.

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Re: Removing certain settings on a phone

I'm a little rusty on Call Manager, but I think there is a setting on the phone setup page where you can select to hide the network settings. (Often done for lobby/public phones)

On a CME system the command is:


service phone settingsAccess 2

This command still allows a user to change brightness, contrast, ring, but the network settings are blocked. Hope this helps

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Re: Removing certain settings on a phone

Please read the original request. I know how to do this kind of thing. I'm more interested in how to block out 1 single thing INSIDE of the network configuration page, not the entire thing.

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