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Removing Excess Pause Time/Changing Standard Prompts

Is there a way in Unity 2.4.6 to shorten the length between standard prompts, such as "You have 3 new messages" <pause> "voice messages" <pause> "message 1"? Also, is there a way to edit those prompts, specifically to eliminate the one that says "voice messages"? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Eilene Pancrazio

Cisco Employee

Re: Removing Excess Pause Time/Changing Standard Prompts

Those aren't programmed delays in there so there's no way to shorten them.

We don't support customizing the prompt sets like that... there are folks that replace prompts they don't like with blank ones (i.e. the "please hold on while I transfer your call" is a popular one to wax). This link explains the basic procedure:

The prompts are all listed in their respective PROMPT.INI files under \commserver\localize\prompts\enu\XXX directories. In your case this prompt can be found in the AvSubMsgStack directory… if you want to replace it with a blank one, follow the instructions in the post above.

Be aware this is not TAC supported and that upgrades will over write your changes.

Community Member

Re: Removing Excess Pause Time/Changing Standard Prompts

Thanks for the information. I understand the risks. As always, you are most helpful.

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