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Rename "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login Service

We just upgraded our CCM to 3.3(3). Previously on 3.2(2c), the engineer who setup our CCM cluster renamed the word "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login to "Extension"

This may cause confusion for my users, so in the Extension Mobility Login Service, does anyone know how to rename the word from "UserID" to "Extension"? Thanks in advance.


Re: Rename "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login Service

I know that at this point Cisco does not support this.


Re: Rename "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login Service

so in your directory, the userID is the extension number??

of course you can change the parameter display name (that is just the name you see in the phone display)

http://ccm/ccmadmin -> Feature -> Cisco IP phone Services -> click on the extension mobility -> select UserID Service Parameter Information -> click Edit -> change the "Parameter Display Name" (NOT Parameter Name!!!) -> click "update and close" -> click update -> click "update subscriptions"

This should do the trick..


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Re: Rename "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login Service

I have a service called "Login" that is for Extension Mobility, but I do not have anything under the Parameters section. I manually added "UserID" and changed Paramenter Name to "Extension", but that did not do the trick. What am I missing?


Re: Rename "UserID" in Extension Mobility Login Service

I don't see an easy way to make this work with CCM 3.3.3

With earlier versions of Callmanager, Extension Mobility was handled by running a script in the CRS or IVR server. Hence you had the options to change the parameters.

Starting with CCM 3.3, Extension Mobility is handled by the Callmanager Server itself. There are a couple of Java serverlets that Callmanager uses to make this work. You might need the help of a Java developer to make modifications to the serverlets to make this work.

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