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Replace Publisher and subscriber!!

One of our customer have TWO MCS7825 CCM 4.13.

They want to replace both server with better hardware and bigger harddrive.

Any documentation I can read???

Here is my thought, presintall at offline network, with same name, ip address, etc:

1. Install CCM4.13 in new server which is publisher.

2. Install CCM4.13 in second new server which is subscriber.

3. Test the new cluster to make sure to have good data replications, for instance, add one IP Phone to test.

4. Delete the IP Phone.

5. Use BARS to backup existing CCM cluster.

6. Use the same verison BARS at new Cluster and then restore it.

7. Shut down the old existing CCM cluster.

8. Power on the new CCM cluster.




Re: Replace Publisher and subscriber!!

Do you have any SRs on the old server ?

I would do this.

1. Install CM 4.13 on the new server (publisher) with same name, ip as old publisher. This should be on an isolated network. Dont apply any SRs yet.

2. Install subscriber to the same version (same name, ip etc as old subscriber). Put this also in the isolated network. Make sure replication is good. Test with an ip phone.

3. Now if you did have SRs (4.1.3SR3a) in old server, then apply SR on the new publisher and new subscriber.

4. Use BARS to backup existing publisher

5. Use same version bars to restore the database on the newly installed publisher.

6. Replication should get all the database info in publisher to the subscriber if you tested replication good in step 2.

7. Shutdown existing cluster

8. Move new servers to the production network.


Re: Replace Publisher and subscriber!!

Thanks your advise.

We dont have SR for 4.13.

NOW, we are only replace the PUBLISHER hardware and add one more subsrciber.

I believe the step will be very similar. Please verify.

1. Install 4.13 at new publisher with same name, ip address, etc at an isloated network.

2. Use BARS to backup existing publisher.

3. Use same verision BARS to restore at publisher.

4. Shut down the existing publisher.

5. move new publisher to the production network.

6. I really doubt that the data will do replication at that time.

7. So run DBhelper.exe to republish.

Thanks a lot



Re: Replace Publisher and subscriber!!


Re: Replace Publisher and subscriber!!

The upgrade may break replication between publisher and subscriber. In that case you just republish the database or run dblhelper.exe to fix replication.

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