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Replacing NULL calling number in PGW


I have a situation with a IPFAS trunkgroup in PGW, where sometimes the calling number (A-number) is missing. In those cases I would like to send a default number on the outgoing trunk.

I tried the Default PN property on the trunkgroup, but it worked completely opposite to what it's description claims to.

*.DefaultPN : Enables the incoming trunk group to have a default PN if the incoming call does not have one, overdecadic digits are supported. Valid values: overdecadic digit string from 1 through 20 digits.

When there was no calling number it did nothing, and when there was one it overwrote it with the default PN.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this task. I can do some longer digit manipulation to achieve it, but it will be great to do it with the default PN property or something similar.

Cisco Employee

Re: Replacing NULL calling number in PGW


Please use defaultdn instead of defaultpn.

* Defaultpn will include a generice number with qualifier additional calling number with the number specified. If no calling number is received, the generic number will be populated based on the settings of defaultpn. If calling number is received, both the calling number received and a generice number of defaultpn would be included.

*DefaultDN behaves as such...if no calling number received...populates calling number with defaultdn value. If calling number is received, pass on received calling number.

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