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Replacing the Directory Handler to??


I am interested in replacing the Directory Handler greeting to ask for only 3 characters of the last name, not first and last. How would I go about doing this? I've been to and found a reference to how this can be done, but I could not find any way to listen to the replacement Ulaw, or G.729 files before I implement them. Also, I could not find the proper files to replace. Please help with playing of these encoded files as well as the proper location of the .wav files in question. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Replacing the Directory Handler to??

on the page where you download those prompt it includes this:


The prompt in question can be found under \Commserver\Localize\Prompts\ENU\AddrSearch\AVAddrSearchENU005.wav and AVAddrSearchENU006.wav. These are the "first then last" and "last then first" versions of the spelling prompt for the address search.


Those are the two files you need to replace. Let me know if that's not clear.

I don't understand what you mean when you say you can't play them... uLaw is the most common codec in the world and will play on virtually any system, including MAC and all Windows derivative - when you say you couldn't find a way to listen to the file what, exactly, do you mean?

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Re: Replacing the Directory Handler to??

Sorry, I had a problem with my reading skills, I was replacing the wrong file. Also, I could not play the Ulaw wav files becasue I had a terminal session open with my Unity server and was trying to play them over that. Thanks very much.

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