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Report Generation

I've tried to run a Port Usage Detail Report while logged in as a subscriber. The Status tool under reports tells me that the state of my report is 'failed' and I don't receive any e-mails. The user it tells me that should receive the e-mail is EAdministrator although I was logged in as a different subscriber. My report does post time stamps under the queue, start, and complete columns under the status tool. Do specific e-mail addresses need to be setup to receive Report notifications? Any hints on trouble shooting this issue?<br><br>


Re: Report Generation

It's not necessary to setup specific email addresses... anyone who has access to the SA should be able to run reports and have them emailed to themselves. Can you verify if the report is really completing (it could be a report engine bug that's resulting in the report not actually getting done instead of a problem emailing the results). Check under the \Commserver\reports directory, it should be an HTML file (unless you specifically asked for a CSV file). Check around and see if you can see a completed report for the one you ran.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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