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Reporting Discrepancies

This is a question for anybody using MCI for carrier routing.

When I run a historical report in Monitor ICM using the template rtecli11_status_by_five_minutes and compare it to trigger reports from MCI, there are always discrepancies (which is fine), however it doesn't favor one way (e.g. MCI Route Requests are more than our MCI NIC Route Respones or Vice Versa).

For example, on any given day, the MCI trigger reports will say it issued 500,000 route requests, but our NIC report will say we returned 504,000 route responses (This is just an example as it can go both ways). I know that we are only talking about a potential disparity of ~.8%, but I still would like to know where those extra 4,000 route responses went. On some days our NIC report will claim that we sent more route responses than MCI issued route requests, and on other days it is reversed.

So far I have looked at the possiblity of the time difference between routing clients, but that did not explain the volume of calls we are talking about.

I also approached it based on how MCI defines their report values versus how Cisco ICM defines theirs. So far however, I have not been able to explain this.

Does anybody know why this could be occuring?


Re: Reporting Discrepancies

Do you have IVR's that do a transfer connect back to the ICM? If so, there's a route request right there. What about default routing? We use AT&T, and when AT&T does not receive a route request from the ICM, it default routes and will show an extra route request for the carrier. Now take that however many calls you receive in a day, that adds up. We did the same comparison and were were off 2%. What we finally did was create Enterprise_Services, Added Members and based our reporting on everything we saw hit the ICM. I hope this helps.

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