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REPOST: Call Park problem CCM 3.1(3a)

CCM 3.1(3a)

Call Park Number/Range: 64X

Partition: XXX_Users

Cisco CallManager: XXXVOIP1 (Pub)

(I have tried on both pub and sub servers same thing)

For all internal and external calls. Call is parked OK and displayed 640 as parked number, go to another phone in same office/partition off hook dial 640 goes fast busy. Call will return to parked phone then I can continue to park the call showing same 640 but I can't pick it up from another phone. If i try another call durring or even after I terminate the previous call try another call I will get the next number in the group. 641 642 643 and so on....

I know this used to work, it has been awhile since I have tested/used it

I have removed the replaced all call park configurations. used different partitions, reset gateways/phones changed CCS on sets and parked numbers and even rebooted (twice now)

NO errors at all in event logs....

The only thing that has been changed/added to the cluster is OSUPGRADE 2000.2.5 and 2000.2.5sr4 on 11/14/2003

This is the only thing not working on CCM to my knowledge.

Thanks in advance


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Re: REPOST: Call Park problem CCM 3.1(3a)


It sounds as if you are having a partition/CSS problem with call park and your IP phones. Can you list the partitions/CSS each are in? To do a simple test, change the partition of your call park extensions to . All CSSs can call that partition. Also, does 64X reside anywhere else in the dial plan?

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Re: REPOST: Call Park problem CCM 3.1(3a)

Thanks Michael....

Changing CSS to worked. I guess I will have to check out my CCS/partitions to see if I can find out the problem w/this one.


I am interested in rebuilding all Route Patterns/Partitions/CSS. Is there a easy way to remove all of these cleanly without rebuilding server from scratch...I have been planning my upgrade migration and I want a cleaner config before I attemt the changes....

Thanks in Advance


Seasons Greetings....


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Re: REPOST: Call Park problem CCM 3.1(3a)


Glad you got it working. Sometimes, those partitions and CSSs can get confusing if you have alot of them!

Unfortunately, I do not know of a clean way to remove all that stuf . You can remove the current stuff and add the new, but how stable will the SQL server be? Only microsoft would would be in your best interest to probably start over and plan out how you want set things up. Just my 2 cents!

Happy Holidays,


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