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Resolution to trace CCM4.1 administrator account changes activity

Dear sir,

We wish to find a way for tracing the administrator traces (timestamp and etc.) For example:-

Administrator add/delete/modify a phone setting on 1april2009.

How I can see what have the administrator changed something on CCM4.1 webpage?

I have only administrator user to login ccm webpage which created during installation.

How can i see the administrator have done several changes for ccm 4.1?

1. ) Please provide screenshot or sample report fount on CCM 4.1(3) for below:-

Find the log file under the Log directory in c:\ciscowebs\MLA\logs, filename MLALogxx.log (where xx are numeric digits).

2.) In order to achieve the result on no.1 above . Please share the necessary steps needed to complete mla for ccm4.1(3) .

For example: What steps need to be taken to make use of MLA and steps to configure log and traces.

3) Mla is the only option to achieve the objective? Can i just stay with only "administrator" for ccm webpage but i'll be able to trace the administrator activity? changes made?

Thank you very much and appreciation. I'll rate you as very good ! :)


Re: Resolution to trace CCM4.1 administrator account changes act

You can install MLA to provide different user access level (read only, configure only phones & lines, full access), but AFAIK MLA won't help you much with tracing admins.

Single administrator user does not provide changes tracking at all.

You can modify your CCM's MSSQL database (do triggers on some tables) to monitor cofiguration activity, but it isn't so easy.




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