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resolving the device name or DN of a phone if you have the IP address


does anyone know how to get the device name of an IP phone if you have the IP address? I am writing servlets that return user-based information using XML, to the phone display, but I need a way to identify the user (without forcing them to log on using the keypad). I can get the IP address of the phone easily enough, but need to translate it to a device name, or DN. or is there another way to identify the requesting phone?

I've looked all through the SQL databases on the MCS, and it doesn't seem to be there.



Cisco Employee

Re: resolving the device name or DN of a phone if you have the I


The phone loads used for 7960, 7940 at least (I have not checked to make sure for 7910 and the older IP phone models) will actually run a web server as of CallManager 3.1.

If your servlet can obtain the IP address of the phone, you can do a GET / on port 80 of the phone and on the main page that gets returned, several fields that you should be able to use are returned, such as MAC address, device name, phone DN (I believe it is the first line appearance).

I don't have an exact date on when CallManager 3.1 will be released, but I would expect it hopefully no more than 2 months from now, maybe sooner.

I can't think of an easy way to do this with current versions, because the IP address mapping to device name is not stored in the database, it is only present in CallManager's memory space.

The only other option I know of is that there are various "plugins" available for Cisco's NMS products that work with CallManager. For example, I believe the User Tracking software can do this mapping for you.

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Re: resolving the device name or DN of a phone if you have the I

As far as I know there is no device name associated with IP Phones. Hence there is no way of getting a device name. I am not really a programmer, but the only means of identifying a phone is with a MAC address which is unique. Seems like you are forced to use the login option.

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