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Restore Unity from DiRT backup

Can we restore Unity 3.1(4) data through DIRT to a Unity 4.1


Re: Restore Unity from DiRT backup


If you do the backup in a 3.1(4) the restore MUST be the same version.


Re: Restore Unity from DiRT backup

When an upgrade is attempted, you do get an option to backup your existing versions database. That database can only be restored as long as the server's unity version is the same. When Unity is upgraded, it keeps the database intact and upgrades the software version as well as database structure etc... If any thing wrong happens with the upgrade, you have to install the same old version of Unity (3.14 in your case) and then do a restore of the database from the DIRT backup and re-do the upgrade.


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Re: Restore Unity from DiRT backup

Thanks for your responses guys.

We are doing the upgrade on new servers. So I was thinking that 4.1 and 3.1(4) uses SQl2000 and all we are backing up is through DiRT. We have Exchange offbox so we already backed up the mailboxes.

I was thinking since we are backinmg up the windows regsitry and SQL through DiRT and since both are the same we can do that.

So I think we need to build the base image in 3.1(4) just what they have in PROD and do restore and the upgrade that to 4.1.

Thanks again

Re: Restore Unity from DiRT backup

You can do it two ways.

a. On existing server, take DIRt backup and then upgrade to 4.1. Install 4.1 on new server and restore database using DIRT on new server.

b. On new server, install 3.1 and restore the database that you took in the above step and then try to upgrade this server to 4.1

I would prefer option b, just because you will never have to touch the existing server in production.



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