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restricted CSS and PRT

Hye guys i have some quries please update me if anyone knows about it

There is my scenario.

In my CCM 5.1 i have around 10 to 15 Partitions and CSS and Route Pattern accordingly. I have around 2 PRIs for calling.

I just want to know how we restrict channels accordingly to CSS and PRT in other words I want to know how we configure

restricted PRT and CSS. Like I want at a time one partition use only 10 channels not more than 10 calls and if someone

try to dial 11th calls and all 10 channels are utilizing they should get busy tone or any message.

And I also have one little question. If I add one phone with SIP protocol and I want to forward that phone calls on any URL how can I do it.

I hope you guys give me a solution soon. I am really thankful to you.

I really appreciate your quick reply.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



Re: restricted CSS and PRT

Enabling Call Display Restrictions

The basis for the functionality of the Call Display Restrictions feature is calls being routed through different translation patterns before the calls are extended to the actual device. Users then dial the appropriate translation pattern numbers to achieve the display restrictions.

Translation Pattern Configuration

To enable Call Display Restrictions, configure translation patterns with different levels of display restrictions by choosing the appropriate option for the calling line ID presentation and the connected line ID presentation parameters.

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Re: restricted CSS and PRT

the only possible way to achieve the usage of only 10 channels if you want to use CSS and partitions is to configure locations between the ip phones and the GW to limit the BW to allow only 10 calls, there are other ways but not in the CUCM itself and only with CSS and partitions



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if this helps, please rate
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Re: restricted CSS and PRT

Thanks Javalence. i alredy did the same thing to control the channels.. but ur the first person who expalin the rite solution.

ones again thank u so much

Best regards,


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