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restricting ringtones

Hi folks

I am currectly rolling some new 7941's for a client, the callmanager ver is 4.2(1) with sr1b. Anyway they only want people to be able to use the default ringtone on the phones, currently users can go into prefernces and hit rings, in there they see Default Ring (Chirp 1) and also the ext number and chirp1 as options 1 and 2, if they select 2 they can then select rings 1 to 7,if they select 1 they can pick chirp1, chirp2 or analog synth, how can I edit the ringlist so that everybody has to use the defualt.. here is a copy of the ringlist from the tftp callmanager



<DisplayName>Analog Synth 1</DisplayName>





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Re: restricting ringtones

Remove the unwanted Rings from this file as well as the DistinctiveRingList.xml file. Then restart your TFTP server and the phones.



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Re: restricting ringtones

thanks Chris but I dont quite follow, what about ring1, ring2, ring 3 etc which I dont see mentioned in the file ?

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Re: restricting ringtones

ok scratch that earlier reply..the was a DistinctiveRingList.xml file in there which had the rings, I removed them. Now I just have the default ring option, when I select this I can pick chirp 1 or 2 so I guess these are there by defualt?



Re: restricting ringtones

By default the ringtype option has 25 default ring and 7 line ring type options, but as

you know you can edit the ring files, the one for the default rings is the RingList.xml

and the one for the Line is the DistinctiveRingList.xml both files are in C:\Program

Files\Cisco\TFTPPath make sure that you don't have the ring tones on those lists, then

restart the TFTP service

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