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Retrieve a message problem

A person from the outside calls the user and leaves a message. When retrieved by the subscriber, says it is from the same person retrieving(subsctiber). I deleted the box and reassigned it trying to fix this issues in Unity. It does not happen all of the time. (75%). If the call is interal you wont have any problem. Only calls from outside.<br>Unity 2.46 B126 CM309 tsp 32.<br><br><br><br>Sean Poure<br>NEC-Voice Engineering<br>Sr. Systems Engineer<br>714 4846275<br>

Sean Poure

Re: Retrieve a message problem

Normally, calls that show up from an outside caller should be sent by the Unity Messaging System account in Exchange.
If the problem is reproducible, you should be able to narrow down a set of circumstances that cause the problem to occur.
If you run the Call Viewer & can catch both a correct and incorrect test call, what is the difference?
Are you using DID's rather than auto-attendant transfers?
Any trunk numbers that look suspiciously like extension numbers?
Are the subscribers using some sort of 'follow-me forwarding' or anything else that might mess with the integration information?
Does this happen for one particular extension or range, or only for certain subscribers?
Do you have any custom call routing rules enabled?
Are there multiple line appearances on the phones set up as Call Handlers in Unity?
Does it only happen if your first voicemail port is busy?
Does it only seem to happen after hours or according to a particular schedule?
Anything you can think of that might help further isolate the issue?

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