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Retrieving 7960 Missed Calls in XML format


Is there a URL that I can retrieve the phones Missed Calls,Placed Calls,Received Calls? There is a URL for getting the screenshot of the phone in CIP format so I think there may me another one for phone history.

Thank you

Murat Balkan

Network Services Telecommunications Inc.

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Re: Retrieving 7960 Missed Calls in XML format

I'd be interested in this too... Thanks

Re: Retrieving 7960 Missed Calls in XML format

I have yet to see such an URL.. I don't think there's one. However, there's the ModeInfo URL (same url as the screenshot but replace Screenshot with ModeInfo), which will give you an xml representation of what's currently on screen. So, you could get an XML representation of those calls by doing the following:

Press the Directory button, press 2 (you can push those commands to the phone via CiscoIPPhoneExecute), then do a modeinfo. Then depending on the buttons that are on the phone, you press the "next" button as many times as necessary to get the full list.

This not only sounds like a hack, it is an ugly one at that, but that's basically the only way you can get a list. The alternative is writing a CTI app that monitors all phones and keeps its own log.

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