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Review of Unity 3.1(5) registry shows two different GCs

Hello -

In researching our Unity server's registry for a problem with connectivity to our GC (noted in an earlier post today), I found the following: The DefaultGlobalCatalogServer in registry path HKLM\Software\ActiveVoice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobalCatalog\1.0\Directory is not the same GC in our domain as that referenced in registry path HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Unity System Profile\DCA key. Should the values point to the same GC?

One last question - is the PreviousDC value used by Unity? The current registry value is NOT one of our domain controllers, but that of another domain in our forest. I suspect this may be remaining from a problem we had early with Unity in production when we found Unity pointing to a GC that was not in our domain, but to another in our forest. We had replication problems (subscribers disappearing after import) until we got Unity pointing to the correct GC.

Thanks, Ginger


Re: Review of Unity 3.1(5) registry shows two different GCs

Hi Ginger,

The GC is used for two isolated tasks and therefore the registry keys don't need to point to the same GC. One is used by Unity for synchronization between the GC and SQL and the other is use by MAPI (Microsoft code) to query for user data. I believe the MAPI one is set during the start of Unity which means that it can change from reboot to reboot. On a side note--Microsoft is working on making some changes to the way MAPI detects the failure of a GC so that it will be dynamically updated in the future.

I need to check on the PreviousDC value. I'm not sure what exactly it is used for myself. I'll get back to you...



Re: Review of Unity 3.1(5) registry shows two different GCs

Hi Keith -

Cool! I'll look forward to hearing back from you. We were experiencing browser election wars this morning and the GC that Unity points to for SQL was getting errors in its application event log. It was during this timeframe that I experienced problems importing a subscriber (that one that is still having the AVNotifer-MC errors trying to set MWI for the old extension). I wasn't sure if having two different GCs (one for SQL and one for MAPI) was contributing to our problem.



Re: Review of Unity 3.1(5) registry shows two different GCs

Yeah the PreviousDC key is not used today. :-)

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