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I am not sure I am in the right place for RightFax discussion.

We are running RightFax Enterprise 9.4.  In the Enterprise Fax Manager there is always a '3' in the value for Documents in queue on FaxServ(s).  I will see the number go up and down but it never goes down below 3.  Could that mean we have 3 documents stuck in a queue somewhere?  Where would I locate that queue on the server?


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Re: RightFax

If their is something stuck you should be able to find it in the queue directory for that queue.  I think it is like u\data or something like that.

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Re: RightFax

Sounds like you do have some document records that may be messed up the the RightFax database.  To confirm this you will want to look at Utility>Show Work Requests and see what counters are stuck at three.  If you have only three items in the Documents Queue, that should not affect performance of your RightFax server, it's when that counter starts to climb and not come back down that you will have issues.

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Re: RightFax

This issue must have finally resolved itself.

When I looked at queue in enterprise fax manager, documents in queue was at 0. For the longest time there was always at least a value of "3" in the documents in queue.

When I checked the show work requests, they were all 0.

The Total Server Events always shows a value as well. Is this normal?

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