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Ring & Flash option with CME

Hello There,

How can I make a phone flashing instead of ringing and vice-versa in a CME 3.3?


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Re: Ring & Flash option with CME

Hi Bahman,

Have a look at the following info for how to make certain button "Flash Only";


To associate ephone-dns with individual buttons on a Cisco Unified IP phone and to specify line type or ring behavior, use the button command in ephone configuration mode. To remove an ephone-dn association from a button, use the no form of this command.

button button-number{separator}dn-tag [,dn-tag...] [button-number{x}overlay-button-number] [button-number...]


Number of a line button on a Cisco Unified IP phone that is to be associated with an extension (ephone-dn).

The maximum number of button-ephone-dn pairs is determined by the phone type.


Single character (:, b, c, f, m, o, or s) that denotes the characteristics to be associated with this phone button. Valid entries are as follows:

: (colon) Normal ring. For incoming calls on this extension, the phone produces audible ringing, a flashing ((< icon in the phone display, and a flashing red light on the handset. On the Cisco IP Phone 7914 Expansion Module, a flashing yellow light also accompanies incoming calls.

b Beep but no ring. Audible ring is suppressed for incoming calls, but call-waiting beeps are allowed. Visible cues are the same as those described for a normal ring.

c Call waiting. Provides call waiting for secondary calls to an overlaid ephone-dn. See also the o keyword.

f Feature ring. Differentiates incoming calls on a special line from incoming calls on other lines on the phone. The feature-ring cadence is a triple pulse, as opposed to a single pulse for normal internal calls and a double pulse for normal external calls.

m Monitor mode for a shared line. Visible line status indicates in-use or not. Line cannot be used on this phone for incoming or outgoing calls.

o Overlay line. Multiple ephone-dns share a single button, up to a maximum of 25 on a button. See also the c keyword.

s Silent ring. Audible ring and call-waiting beep are suppressed for incoming calls. The only visible cue is a flashing ((< icon in the phone display.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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