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Ring No Answer


We currently have a IPCC system (CM 3.1(3a) and ICM 4.6.1) and am trying to find how to configure the settings for Ring No Answer. I have found a lot of info on the subject for ICD but nothing for ICM specifically, the reason for this is that we may have a case where an agent would be logged on and in a ready state but not actually at their desk. Therefore if the call is not picked up after a set ring/time the call is then taken back into the queue.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Ring No Answer

That's set under the Agent Desk Settings under Configuration Manager in ICM. You specify the Ring No Answer time and the Dialed Number. It works very well for our implementation.


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Re: Ring No Answer

In 4.6.1 ICM the agent will be put in the "Not Ready" state if the RNA timer is expired. Documentation for this is in the 4.6.1 IPCC Administrators Guide under Agnet Desk Settings (5-11), .

In 4.6.2 Agent Desk settings you are able to define a Re-route on No anser DN, pg 4-16.

This will allow the call to pulled back from the agent and returned to queue to be answered by another agent. There is some scripting involved in this as well.


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Re: Ring No Answer

You should also be sure that the routing client for the RONA transaction is consistent...meaning, if you are not translation routing from CM to the IPIVR for your treatment, then the IPIVR is the RC; the RONA transaction would appear to the ICM as a CallManager RC, so you need to watch how the ICM is configured in that particular case.

If you Xrte from CM to the VRU, this problem goes away...but Xrte to VRU in IPCC is a maddeningly difficult thing to configure. YMMV.



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Re: Ring No Answer

You can set the RONA label in the Desk Settings Config. Just make sure the timeout on the number of rings is less than the Redirect time set on the Call Manager.

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Re: Ring No Answer

I have 4.6.2 and have set up the ring no answer time and the ring no answer dn in agent desktop settings but it still doesn't seem to be working. When a call goes to an agent and he doesn't answer, it just keeps ringing...when the caller finally hangs up, the agent is made not ready. If the agent answers the call after the ring no answer timeout, the call is handled normally and the agent state is not changed.

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